Hotel Lutetia


Sun casting light and shadows across a marble bathtub at Hotel Lutetia

The journey has just begun.


Creative direction, Film direction, Film production


Located at the heart of the vibrant and affluent Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, Hotel Lutetia is one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris, and the only Palace hotel on the left bank of the river. For over a century, the hotel has been home to legendary artists, filmmakers and style-makers, a place where visionary minds would gather and be mutually inspired in true Parisian fashion.


Jean-Pierre Trevisan
View out of taxi window of the façade of Hotel Lutetia, Paris

After a significant restoration and modernisation, the Lutetia reopened its doors in 2018, soon to become yet again the heart of the cultural capital of the city.

Reflection of lights in hallway at Hotel LutetiaView through lift doors onto courtyard at Hotel Lutetia


‘Become Here’ is an introspective film for Hôtel Lutetia, that explores the transformative power that every person experiences during a stay at one of Paris’s most prestigious establishments.

No matter how far you’ve come to get here, the true journey begins when you arrive.

The film

Play, pause, reset, replay.

Backstage of Edward Taylor filming Marion Gaudino at sunset on the Lutetia rooftopView through video monitor of girl lying in marble bath at LutetiaReflection in table of glass ceiling of the salon Saint-Germain, Hotel LutetiaClose-up of decorative welcome platter in Lutetia hotel roomPortrait of Samuel Arnold smile during voice over recordingClose up of sound meters on a mixing console at Sodasound ParisBackstage of Samuel Arnold reading a book in the salon Saint-Germain, Hotel LutetiaSunlight streaming through hotel window at Lutetia Paris
Colouring session of the Lutetia film in Lily Post-prod studio